A Dunton Family Tradition Since 1996

Volume VI  Issue 3 Summer 2001
Now in the 6th Year

Eastern Shore Duntons

A new resource that we have received into the reference library is a copy of a book donated by the compiler and publisher, Gail Walczyk.  Since we presently have no operating budget, donations of time, materials, money, and resources like this book as greatly appreciated

Entitled, "The Duntons of the Eastern Shore", this work was compiled, researched and cited by Dr. William S. Burton and Gail M. Walczyk.

It is tightly packed with information, and consists of five, sometimes six, generations of the Dunton Family (descendants of Andrew Dunton - 1635) beginning with Thomas and ending about 1800. It contains almost all of the data found on each generation including cattle and brand marks, wills, deeds and appearances in court. Includes citations, a full name bibliography, three maps and a full name index.  Comb bound. 80 pages. 

Copies of this work are available for sale from the publisher's Web site, Peter's Row Publishing.

About The Publisher:  Since 1975 Gail and Frank have been doing family history both professionally and personally in the Counties of Northampton and Accomack, Virginia and Somerset, Maryland. 

For although her married name is Polish, her father was Italian, and she and her husband live in New York.

Her mother was born at Chesconnessex, Accomack Co., Virginia and her ancestors were among the first settlers of all three of the Counties of the Eastern Shore. 

Her interest in family history was heightened very early in childhood, when she sat with her grandmother on the porch, rocking in a chair, while she was told her ancestry. Among her Grandmother's stories of the Marsh Family was the recounting that her grandfather's grandfather was a Northern carpetbagger who, "with good Northern money," came to Chesconnessex, Virginia after the Civil War and bought all the land from the Wise Family. "Peter's Row," she was told, was the farm where once lived Peter Evans whose wife was Triphenia. Theirs were the graves that lay less than 30 feet from the back door. She was hooked.

Her Dunton connection is on her grandmother, Annie Scarburgh Joynes' side. It goes back to Elias Dunton through his daughter, Margaret and Margaret's husband Reuben Joynes' son Elias Dunton Joynes. In the family there were many sons with the name Elias Dunton Joynes.

Ms. Walczyk states that, "The publications of Peter's Row are all works of love. Love of history, of genealogy, of deciphering old handwriting and untangling mysteries. They have also sprung from love of family and of friends, and a deep addiction to this work."

W. Herbert "Buck" Dunton News

For those of you who read the article on W. Herbert "Buck" Dunton in The Dunton Times - Volume II, Issue 7 or are interested in Western art and especially the work of our famous relation, here are a few items of interest.

First, a new record was set for the valuation of his paintings when the painting, "The Horse Rustler", recently sold for $330,750.  Click here for more information.  Look around in your attic and see if you have any pieces sitting around!

After I received the information about the above mentioned auction, I started digging around the Internet and compiled five new pages of images and information for the W. Herbert Dunton - Virtual Exhibit.  Additionally, other image files and links to other Web sites were added.

On the subject of Web sites, Buck Dunton's grandson, Ivan, is building a new site which should be online soon.

The purpose of the site is to raise awareness of this great Western painter and to offer pieces to those of us who cannot afford a six-figure purchase of an original.

The initial offerings are limited edition lithographs.

We graciously received a donation for the archive of several pieces.  The images of these can be viewed here.  Please visit Ivan's site at:


Another donation in the form of another W.H. Dunton painting was received into the archive.  No, not an original, but a beautiful reproduction on canvas. Gilberto Urbano [gilfrour@mediaone.net] of www.wonderfulitems.com donated a copy of "Fall in the Foothills".  Click the title to read more about it and to view a copy of the painting.

Submit obituaries, marriage, military service, special events, birth announcements and prayer requests to keep us all up to date!


A son was born on April 25th to Tom Gombos and Valerie Dunton-Gombos at the Leheigh Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania.

Source: "The Morning Call"

Military Service:

Paul Jackson, Jr., (Great-great grandson of Norman Jason Dunton) is currently in Marine basic training in San Diego, CA. He will serve in the Marine Corps Reserves while in college (beginning this fall) and attend Platoon Leaders Class in Quantico, VA during summers until graduation; thereby earning an officer's commission. He then will serve as an active Marine.  Paul hopes to complete four to six years' service in the Marine Corps, then make application to the FBI Academy.

Submitted by Paul Jackson, Sr.

What's new cousins???  Let us know for the next issue.

New information has been added to the "Archive Page".

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"Life On The Farm"
Being a brief, regular accounting of the events from life on the Victor Hugo Dunton farmstead in Oregon

Here on the farm we have been dealing with an interesting spring.  We welcomed in some beautiful and hot weather, got a lot planted and then it dropped 30 degrees.  Nothing lost but it sure confuses plants!

Part of my quest for knowledge when I began researching my ancestry in the early 1980s was to get a glimpse into what life was really like.  What did they experience every day?  I started reading history books, old diaries, documenting family stories, and fleshing out the skeleton of my genealogy.  This provided small peeks and some understanding.

It was not until we bought the farm in 1988 that we began to appreciate the agrarian lifestyle of our ancestors.

Life is more basic . . . more real.

We are tied to the cycles of our environment.  Like the previous generations, spring is filled with necessary tasks - cutting firewood, planting crops, and generally waking up after winter has taken its toll on fences and facilities.  This cycle now continues into the summer with weeding, nurturing, and enjoying all of nature that has come alive.

Farm life is definitely hard.  Like life with a corporate job in the city, there is a lot of planning involved, schedules to make, and deadlines to meet.  If you miss a planting date, the chance is lost for another year.  We are at the mercy of the weather, of disease and pest populations, and even more controllable events like the chickens getting into the garden and eating all of the emerging bean seedlings!

There is stress but I find it more manageable than the stress associated with that experienced while working as an employee.  I attribute this to the fact that we are empowered and responsible for many more aspects of life.  There is no HR department, no executive decisions that we find ignorant or self-motivated, or conflicts of philosophical views.  Life is simpler with our business integrated with the rest of our life.

Life is more basic . . . more real . . . and I appreciate what our ancestors lived through to get us where we are.

Have a great summer and do keep mailing in your family updates.

Mike Dunton - 6/21/01

You can see and read more about our farm and our garden seed company at:


Victory Seed Company

Note:  If you are a gardener, contact us at www.victoryseeds.com/contactus.html, tell us where you read this, and we'll mail you out the current catalog, free of charge.

If you have an interesting story that you'd like to share, PLEASE submit it.

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