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Volume VI  Issue 2 Spring 2001
Now in the 6th Year

New Features Added to the Site

We have recently added two new features to the Web site.  The first is a Family Forum and the second is a Classifieds section. 

The forum section is like any other forum on the internet except that this one is created to discuss all things Dunton (or Dunten and Dutton).  It is not as colorful and fancy as many I have used, but then again, the service is free and it is not chewing up system resources on our server.  Please drop by and post your questions and answers.

The classified section is basically a modified "guestbook" script.  This feature is hosted on our server and intended as a place to list information or items that you are seeking or offering.

Submit obituaries, marriage, military service, special events, birth announcements and prayer requests to keep us all up to date!

Marriage Announcement - England: 

Saturday, April 14, 2001 at 4.30 p.m. marked the marriage of Amanda Jane Dunton to Paul Richard Charles at Moor Park Mansion, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Family members present were:


Brides family William John Dunton (father), Valerie Joyce Dunton (mother), Michelle Anne Dunton, Lisa Denise Dunton (sisters), aunts, uncles and cousins Sandra Brown, Paul Brown, Michael Brown, Jade Brown, Patricia Young, John Young.


Bridegrooms family Thomas Joseph Charles (father), Margaret Linda Charles (mother), David John Charles (brother), Amanda Victoria Charles (sister-in-law), George & Nellie Horton (grandparents), Christopher & Daryl Paton, Iona Elizabeth Margaret Charles.

Submitted by M. Charles

What's new cousins???  Let us know for the next issue.

New information has been added to the "Archive Page".

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"Life On The Farm"
Being a brief, regular accounting of the events from life on the Victor Hugo Dunton farmstead in Oregon

The winter was very mild this year and the spring has entered the same way.  Although we had some cold weather, we have had a dry year.  So much so that everyone is very concerned about the lack of snow pack and water in the reservoirs.  This is compounded by California's energy crisis which indicates that we are headed into drought conditions and high prices.  The economic slump, particularly out here on the west coast, doesn't help anything.

In spite of the gray clouds hanging over all of the news stories in the press, I think that most people realized that the stock market and economy could not maintain the steep growth rates that we all lived through in the 90s.  Like any other system, the processes are cyclical.

For those regular readers, I have now been a full-fledged entrepreneur and farmer for over a year (no paycheck).  

Although we have lived on the farm for 13 years, our lives are now very tied to the cycles of the planet. This is particularly true because of the nature of our business.  Most of our income is created in the Spring, planting, growing and harvesting covers spring into fall, and late fall and winter is our marketing season.  We know about cycles!

I hope that newsletter finds you happy and healthy.  Take care, slow down, live life, and may the Lord bless and protect you and your family.

Mike Dunton - 4/17/01

You can see and read more about our farm and our garden seed company at:


Victory Seed Company

Note:  If you are a gardener, contact us at www.victoryseeds.com/contactus.html, tell us where you read this, and we'll mail you out the current catalog, free of charge.

If you have an interesting story that you'd like to share, PLEASE submit it.

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