The M. W. Dunton Company, Inc.

3 Bridal Ave

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Phone: 401-821-1832

FAX: 401-821-1914

The History of the M.W. Dunton Company.

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The M. W. Dunton Company specialized in soldering products "for almost 100 years."  The company was taken over and merged into the RectorSeal Company in 1998.

Please Note:  This is a family history site.  We are not associated with the company, which in fact was purchased in 1998 by RectorSeal.  See below for more information.

The following are images that are either in our archive or have been offered for sale on the internet.  Information about this company is scarce and everything that we know is listed on this page.  If you are a researcher and have information to share, please contact us at .

NOKORODE Brand Soldering Paste Tin

1926_Tin.jpg (24995 bytes)

Written on the top of the tin, along with the contents:

NOKORODE Soldering Paste
Manufactured by the M. W. DUNTON CO., 

The directions are on the side.
Measures 1-1/2" high by 2" in diameter.

1926_Tin_2.jpg (30616 bytes)

tin.jpg (7809 bytes)


Manufactured by the  M. W. DUNTON CO. of West Warwick, R.I. 02983.  Known world wide! Registered in 1903! "MARCA REGISTRADA NO. 26346 -19 DE NOVEMBRE DE 1926"

1920 NOKORODE Advertisement

The M. W. Dunton Co. Nokorode Soldering Paste print advertisement that ran in the publication entitled "Hardware Age," in the December 16, 1920 issue.

1920_advertisement.jpg (148003 bytes)

Armature and Field Tapes Sample Card

A brochure and samples for M.W. Dunton's "Armature and Field Tapes."

Tinner's Fluid

The bottle stands five inches tall to the top of the cap. The label reads,  "DUNTON'S TINNERS FLUID" and has a prominent "POISON" warning printed in red. The fluid was described as being, "A superior soldering acid manufactured for plumbers, tinsmiths, garage work, general automotive work, etc."  The M. W. DUNTON CO. PROVIDENCE, R.I., U.S.A.

Image Courtesy of Conrad Ellis


Miscellaneous Items

Small Tin of Nokorode Soldering Paste is marked "Free Sample". Made by the M W Dunton Co., Providence, R.I. Approximately 1-3/8 inches across.
solderroll.jpg (62486 bytes)
Roll Solder

Store Display Rack Signage

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