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16 Jan 2019

Recognition of U.S. Military Service

(Service for other nations noted)

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Revolutionary War (American War of Independence) Veterans

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Civil War (American War Between the States) Veterans

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Spanish American War

Norman Jason Dunton (1876-1943) served in the U.S. Army during the Spanish-American War. Family history states that he made sergeant before returning to civilian life in Billings, Missouri. He was buried in uniform, with full military honors, in the Orange Cemetery, near Aurora, Missouri. He is the man on the right in the photo.

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World War I Veterans

Clarence E. Dunton - K.I.A 7

Delmar H. Dunton1
(1890-1967). Major General. USAAF, 1917-1945. (Service: 1917-1966)
1 cu ft - Call No. 168.7109 - IRIS No. 1027999-1028015

Born 1 November 1890, Detroit, MI. School of Military Aeronautics, Austin, TX 1917-1918. Air Corps Tactical School, 1938. Flying Cadet, 1917-1918; commissioned Second Lieutenant, Air Service, August 1918. Career assignments include: various duties as company and field grade officer, 1918-1942; Commanding Officer, San Antonio Air Depot, 1942; Commanding General, North West African Air Service Command, 1942-1943; Deputy Chief and later Commanding General, Air Service Command, 1943-1944; hospitalized 1944-1945. Retired March 1945. Died 14 April 1967, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX. Official papers relating to Duntonís Army Air Forces career. Includes final report of study on Army Air Force Air Service Command payroll system (July 1944). Also includes messages, maps, news clippings, and photographs relating to the rescue of General Nathan F. Twining (January-February 1943). Contains technical orders on Instrument Flying, Airplane Pilot Officer List (1918), Army Directory (1943), Air Force Register (1966), Air Force General Officers List (1966), American Heroes of the War in the Air by Howard Mingos and The Eyes of the Army and Navy by Albert H. Munday. Includes various news clippings and photographs of Dunton including those relating to the construction of the first Air Ambulance which Dunton supervised (1921-1944). Also includes Duntonís pilot log books (1917-1935). Related materials located elsewhere in the Document Collection, Air Force Historical Research Agency include a Report of Air Service Command Facilities in the British Isles (1942), a resume of Duntonís military career (1942), and a reference to Dunton in General Earle E. Partridgeís oral history interview (1974).

Harold F. Dunton5, born 1889 in Detroit, Michigan.  Listed as a Shelby County, Tennessee veteran (page 1156 of index) and an officer.

James Harvey Dunton, b. January 31, 1880, resided in White Pine, Nevada8

James G. Dunton, Retired Army major and World War I veteran who served as a sergeant in the Ambulance Corps.  Click here for a bio and obituary.

Lewis Dunton, b. June 18, 1895, Twin Grove, Idaho, resided in Fremont, Idaho8

Parley Dunton, b. July 23, 1889 in Maucos (Mancos), Colorado, resided in Mariposa, California8

Virgil Oscar Dunton, b. March 31, 1899, resided in Wilmington, Delaware8

William Dunton, 39 Grafton St., Grimsby, (North East Lincolnshire, U.K.
Ldg. Stoker - H.M.S. Red Gauntlet II

James Dunton Crisler, b. July 27, 1893, Utica, Mississippi, resided in Jackson, Mississippi8

Albert Dunton Bottomly, b. September 10, 1892, Providence3, Rhode Island, resided in Shoshone, Idaho8

World War II Veterans

Albert Austin Dunton, PFC, of Bangor, Maine, Joined US Army, served in the 5th armored division and 46th armored infantry division in Europe 1944-19461

Edgar Frank Dunton, Midshipman Edgar Frank Dunton, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Dunton, Corsicana, Texas, attended University of Texas Medical School.  Entered service with Army Air Corps, 1942, reenlisted with Army in 1943, enlisted with Navy in 1945, trained at Camp Walters, Sheppard Field, Fresno, Barksdale Field, Brooke Gen. Hospital, Columbia Univ., N.Y.  Duty in Midshipman School, N.Y.

Edward A. Dunton, Leut. (Navy), Iowa, Served from 1942 to 1946

Harry C. Dunton, Captain (Army), Cincinnati, Ohio, 704th tank Destroyer Battalion (9)

Harold Lee Dunton, son of Norman Jason Dunton, and the twin brother of Howard Ray Dunton (below) born March 1, 1919, Lawrence CO, Missouri . Served in the US Army, WWII. Rank: Corporal. Howard died June 8, 1986 in Mt. Vernon, Missouri and is buried in the IOOF Cemetery in Mt. Vernon, Missouri.(10)

Howard Ray Dunton, son of Norman Jason Dunton, and the twin brother of Harold Lee Dunton (above), born March 1, 1919, Lawrence CO, Missouri . Served in the US Army, WWII. Rank: Sergeant. Howard died October 21, 2002 in Mt. Vernon, Missouri and is buried in the Orange Cemetery near Aurora, Missouri.(10)

Norman J. "Joe" Jackson (1927-1999), served in the US Navy in the occupation forces in Japan.  He was the grandson of Norman Jason Dunton.

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Korean Conflict Veterans

Arthur W. Dunton, Jr., PFC (Army), Cheshire, NH, 3 Oct 1951, Killed in Action3

The Cold War-era Veterans

Michael L. Dunton, SSgt (USAFR), 349th AMS (Automatic Flight Control Systems Specialist), Travis A.F.B., California.  Served from 9/1980 to 9/1986.

Vietnam War-era Veterans

James G. Dunton6 - 1st Lieutenant, Army, Melrose, Massachusetts, born 2/7/1940, K.I.A. 12/8/1964

First Name


Last Name






Date Arrived

Date Departed

Home Town

Home State

Kenneth H. Dunton4   SP4 11B20  Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry 2nd   DEROS 21-Oct-69    
Michael A. Dunton4 "Bird"     1st Bn., 48th Infantry, 3rd Armored
  1972 1974 Rindge NH
Phillip   Dunton4       505 TCMS Detachment 3, USAF   3/1966 10/1967    

Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm Veterans [ August 1990 to April 1991]

None Submitted

Operation Iraqi Freedom / "Iraq War" Veterans [March 20, 2003 - December 18, 2011]

Paul E. Jackson, Jr. (great-great-grandson of Norman Jason Dunton), CPL USMC, received infantry training at Camp Pendleton, California in 2002. He was called from reserves in 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom and went with Kilo CO 3/23 USMC in January, 2004 to Baghdad, Iraq. These Marines replaced the National Guard unit involved in the notorious Abu Ghraib Prison scandal.

CPL Jackson served with distinction in the face of attacks almost daily on Abu Ghraib, and received numerous citations and several decorations. 3/23 USMC returned home to St. Louis, MO in October, 2004, where CPL Jackson went back to civilian life. He lives in Arnold, Missouri with his wife Stacy and their three daughters; Katie, Abbie and Sophia. He is a manager at Applebee's Restaurant in Fenton, Missouri.(10)

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Recent Duty (as of date listed)

None Submitted

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