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This Web site was created to fill a need -- that is, to create a tool that could be used to foster communication and to help other Dunton (and name variants) family members find each other and learn how they fit in this community that we call family.  It is a place to feel welcome and a place to which (by right of birth, adoption, or marriage) we all belong.

Over the years, many people have supported this project by submitting articles, family group sheets, copies of documentation, etc.  Many of you have asked about contributing with the payment of "dues".

There are several ways in which you can help to support this effort.

  1. Contribute articles, news events, and announcements that can easily be cut from an email message or attached word processing document and pasted into a Web page.  This content must be original work with the copyright being held by the submitter.

  2. Contribute family data files for the GeneWeb database.

  3. Contribute photos, documents, or other items of family interest that can be added to the archive project and made available to all members.

  4. Cash contributions, of any size, will be welcomed.  If we start receiving income, we will make an accounting of the funds available online.

  5. Rent advertising space -- Do you own a business or are you promoting an event?  Contact us for rates.

  6. Purchase your office supplies, gifts, home accents, apparel, electronics, sporting goods, etc. through our affiliation with Amazon.com by clicking one of the buttons below buttons. Please consider making all of your Amazon purchases through our links and help to financially support the site.




Reserve Your Family Email Address Before Someone Else Does!!!

And finally, now that we have our own family domain and virtual server, we are now offering an email forwarding service.  In exchange for a small donation,   you can get a personal or commercial email address with the following domain extensions:


Dunton.info DuntonFamily.org
Dunton.us DuntonFamily.com
Dunten.com Dunton.biz - For Duntons with businesses wishing easy name recognition.  Looks a lot more professional than your actual AOL or Yahoo email address!
Doten-Dunton.com - For affectionados and collectors of the famous furniture maker.

All you need to provide, along with the appropriate payment, is an email address of where you would like to have mail delivered.  I will take care of configuring the mail server so that the mail is routed to you.  You also will want to change your "Reply To" address in your mail program.  That way, people can begin to memorize your Dunton.org mail address.

As an added benefit, aside from supporting the family organization, you get a consistent mail address.  How many of you have moved or otherwise changed email addresses from one service provider to another?  You can appreciate the time it takes to notify every Web service that you have registered with, every friend or family member, perhaps change letterhead and business cards.  That all goes away with this service.

After you subscribe to the Dunton mail service, when your email address changes, all you need to do is notify me, and we will redirect to your new address.  (We will allow one free change per calendar year and request a $4 donation for each change after that).  To the rest of the world your mail address never changed!  This offer is open to anyone that wants a personalized email address with the "Dunton.org" domain name.  Please tell all of your family members.

Personal addresses are $12.00 per year
Business or Commercial addresses are $36.00 per year


Or feel free to mail donations. Since we do not yet have a separate checking account, please make payment out to Mike Dunton.  It will be accounted for in the financial statement (see link below):

Dunton Family Organization
c/o Mike Dunton
P.O. Box 767
Molalla, Oregon  97038

100% of all donations go to support this online Dunton Family History Organization project by funding domain name registration, Web hosting fees, etc. As always, all labor for this family project is donated and not financially compensated.

Financial Statement

Special Donors Recognition Page

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