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Volume V  Issue 2 May, 2000
Now in the 5th Year

"Profile of  Kervin R. Dunton"

If you have been following the thread of information in the past couple of issues of the "Dunton Times", this article is the result of being contacted by descendants of Kervin R. Dunton, the founder and partner if the Doten-Dunton Desk Company.

This article was published in the May, 1949 issue of the NOFA Bulletin.

"Profile of KERVIN R. DUNTON"

Age 82 years, born on Isle of Westport, Maine.  Started manufacturing of desks and furniture as a boy.  Became superintendent of the Derby Desk Company prior to organization of the Doten-Dunton Desk Co. in 1902.  He has devoted his lifetime to the office furniture manufacturing business.

His principal interests are his business and family (daughter and two granddaughters).  In addition, his hobbies have always been hunting and fishing.  Every fall he spends many days hunting and has been known to tire out many a younger man at this sport.  He has always been a lover of good hunting dogs and has bred many champions.

Member of National Office Furniture Assn., Boston Office Furniture Assn., Wood Office Furniture Assn., Life Member Boston Rotary, 32 Degree Mason and Life

 Member, Director of Mechanics Charitable Associates, founded by Paul Revere during the Revolutionary War.

Spends each day, from early morning until closing time in tireless pursuit of running his two businesses, the Doten-Dunton Desk Co., and retail store, The Dunton Corporation.

The Doten-Dunton Desk Co. did not become well known until after the Baltimore fire in 1908.  The Baltimore & Ohio R.R. was putting up a new building and wished to purchase new furniture.  Mr. Dunton went to Baltimore and took this up with the officials.  It was then that what is know known as the sanitary base desk was developed.  Previously all desks were full type pedestal  construction built to floor and generally without casters.  From that time on, Doten-Dunton desks were developed along sanitary lines.

He attributes his good health to regular eating and working habits, exercise, and devotion to his work.  He has lost known of his keenness and alertness and still has an abundance of energy.

Other references on this site:

Civil War Dunton Project

An idea of one of our family members, I hope that this project grows with the help of all of you.  Please check out the format of the page and email me the ancestors that you know of that served in this conflict.  The data will be sorted in the following order:

  1. State

  2. Name

  3. Military Affiliation

If this catches on, I think that it is a nice format to present all types of data.  Perhaps we can do the same for other wars and conflicts starting with the War for Independence.  Click here to access the page.

Downloadable Charts and Forms Available Online

When doing your genealogical research, do you use blank forms that you fill in by hand?  A free alternative to purchased forms can be downloaded and printed on your printer from the Internet at this location:


These are as nice as most commercially available forms. You can obtain a pedigree chart (called an Ancestral Chart), Research Calendar, Research Extract, Correspondence Chart, Source Summary and Family Group Sheet.

Submit obituaries, marriage, military service, special events, birth announcements and prayer requests to keep us all up to date!

Injured -- "Weekend Trip to Rio Grande Turns Tragic for Area Resident"

On Easter Eve Jared Dunten, the son of Darrell and Yvonna Dunten, owners of the Living Desert Nursery, dove into the Rio Grande River on a remote camping trip with his childhood friend and coworker, Marty Butler. They are both 25 years old. His head hit a rock in shallow water and his neck was broken.  Marty had the presence of mind to dive in and deal with this unknown situation.  Jared was not breathing and Marty had to administer mouth to mouth resuscitation while yelling for help to anyone in earshot.

After 20 minutes someone said they'd get help and two hours later EMS arrived.  In the meantime Marty kept Jared floating in the water and breathed for him.  A two hour drive to Alpine followed in the ambulance where Jared was transferred  to a fixed wing aircraft and flown to Lubbock where he lies in critical, yet  stable condition, at University Medial Center, as of this writing on Monday,  April 24. For those who know the family prayer is the most pressing critical  need. As time elapses more will be known concerning the needs of this young man  and his family. His parents live out Highway 71 near the Pedernales. Jared is employed by GSD&M Advertising here in Austin and works as a copywriter.

Reprinted from Lake Travis View, April 27, 2000


Updated information can be found this Web site -- http://jared.gsdm.com.


Our prayers go out to Jared and the family for a speedy recovery.

Passed On -- Willma Caroline Dunton Sayre Elkins -- April 17, 2000.
Born to the parents of Victor Hugo and Eda Caroline Vick Dunton on June 11, 1910, Willma was the eldest of four children.

(On a personal note, I had the luxury of visiting with her and recording some of her memories in March of 1996.  Willma was the older sister of my Grandfather and grew up in the house that her father built -- the same house in which we now raise our family.  She will be missed.  Mike Dunton)

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"Life On The Farm"
Being a brief, regular accounting of the events from life on the Victor Hugo Dunton farmstead in Oregon

I know that many of you around the country had some very late season snow last month.  We have enjoyed a rather mild Winter and nice Spring this year.  After the past few years, it is welcome.

We will probably be paying for it later in the garden in the form of higher numbers of slugs and bugs that attack our garden.

The cows are happy that the pastures are growing and their diet now is foraged instead of last year's hay.  They look so content.

Since we are still getting night temperatures down to the frost point, tender plants are still under lights.  I did get the majority of a greenhouse built and am looking forward to having a larger area to protect our garden starts in.

Take care, slow down, live life, and may the Lord bless and protect you and your family.

Mike Dunton - 5/8/00

You can see and read more about our farm and our garden seed company at:


Victory Seed Company

Note:  If you are a gardener, contact us at www.victoryseeds.com/contactus.html, tell us where you read this, and we'll mail you out the current catalog, free of charge.

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