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I am actively working on this months issue of the newsletter.   I have not received any articles that are ready for publication so please bear with me. In the mean time, please browse around the site as well as the archive of past newsletters.  Check back as I am planning on an update soon.

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Vance Dunton will be presenting a paper at the 12th Symposium of Plasma Processing in the Electrochemical Society meeting in San Diego this week. The title is "Affect of Film Type on Isotropic Etch Activation Energy". [Editor's note:  You will have to ask him for an explanation of the subject]

"Life On The Farm"
Being a brief monthly accounting of the events from life on the Victor Hugo Dunton farmstead in Oregon

Even though El Nino is being blamed for all kinds of weather anomalies, we are, in my opinion, experiencing  a typical Spring pattern here in the Pacific Northwest.  We have had beautiful weather in the 80F range and it is now overcast with threatening drizzle.  Perfect weather!

This accounts for the tardiness and quality of this month's newsletter.

We have peppers and tomatoes getting a head start indoors and most of our seed orders are filled.  The long days have really become noticeable and two of the cows are ready to calve any day now.

I guess that this will have to suffice as the monthly update from the farm.

Mike Dunton - 5/5/98

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