The Dunton Times

Issue 1 vol. I

December 1996
Merry Christmas


This Is Issue Number One

Molalla, OR -- If you haven't figured it out, I am trying to make this look like a pre-Internet era newsletter. If you are really stuck on that archaic form, press the print button on your browser. I am hoping to use the Internet as a technology for delivering timely information to fellow family researchers and members.

This web page specializes in Dunton News, Genealogical Resources, and Communications With Other Relatives.

The picture in the left column is one of Nathaniel Hawthorne, the famous author. No relation, but he wrote great stories! I will post "real" family pictures as I get them.

Editorial: What is this all about, anyway?

As I mention in the Dunton Genealogy Page, I became interested in my personal history about 10 years ago. For the first couple of winters, I really worked hard at documenting my family as thoroughly as possible. But I got side-tracked for several years when I moved out of state, started a new job, attended night school, purchased and started restoration of the old family farm, and was helping to homeschool our growing family. Last winter, I started exploring the Internet and the research tools that were available and caught the genealogy bug afresh. I was simply amazed. Not just with the web sites being posted, but with the improvement in communications speed. I do not mean that the Internet is necessarily fast, but if you are accustomed to driving to genealogical libraries and using the U.S. Postal Service for sharing data, email, web pages, and FTP sites are a Godsend. I am including a "favorite links page" as a tool for you. If you have suggestions of sites to include or if you have one yourself, drop me a note. Even if you do not have a page but want to interact with other family researchers, let me know and I will add an email button for you. Please send me an email and tell me what types of topics you would like to see on this page. If enough people are interested, I may attempt to formally organize a Dunton Family Organization. I also think that this could be a good place to post questions to other members regarding people you are looking for. As my programming abilities improve (and if I can get more space from my present service provider) I plan on adding a searchable master family database. Right now, the combined Family File that I have contains about 5400 individuals.

It was last Updated Dec 13, 1996
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