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Dunton Biographical Resources

A. Davidson Dunton - Companions of the Order of Canada.
Alvin R. Dunton - Master Penman
Andrew Dunton - Progenitor of the Duntons of Virginia.
Frank Fuller Dunton - Coast Guard Honors Former Auxiliary Member.
James G. Dunton - Author.
John Dunton:  Bookseller - 18th Century Author, Commentator, Publisher.
Loren Dunton: The Father of Financial Planning.
Norman Jason "Jay" Dunton
Dr. William Rush Dunton, Jr. - Father of Occupational Therapy.
W. Herbert "Buck" Dunton - A founder of the Taos Society of Artists.
George Dunton Widener: Titanic Victim.

Dunton Geographical Locations

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado
Dunton, Illinois (now called Arlington Heights, Illinois)
Dunton House Restaurant - Arlington Heights (Dunton), Illinois

Dunton Obituaries

Carole Blythe (Axmaker) Dunton
Frank Fuller Dunton
Keith W. Dunton
Marjorie Christine (Schoenborn) Dunton
Maxine Dunton
Robert Gilley Dunton
William C. Dunton [PDF Format]
Miscellaneous Obituaries

Dunton Historical References

Middlesex, Massachusetts Probate Records listing Duntons and name variations
Dunton U.S. Revolutionary War Military Records
Dunton U.S. Civil War Military Records
Dunton Military Service Recognition
Illinois Dunton Death Listing
Dunton' s in Census Data

Bernice Cunningham, DUNTON (Bulletin # 647), The Queens Borough Public Library, April 1939, [A brief history of the Village of Dunton, Long Island]

The Long Island Railroad - Documentation and Images
The Doten-Dunton Furniture Company archive page with information and images can be found by clicking here.
Sewell N. Dunton & Sons, Inc. Bamboo Fishing Pole's
The Dunton Mine of Newry, Maine and Hollis Cass Dunton archive page

Published Dunton Materials

Some of these resources are only available as hardcopy resources in our library. Time permitting, specific searches and copies made. You will be quoted a cost before work commences. Other material is available by clicking the hotlink. As always, donations of photos, documents, family memorabilia, stories, and money is always gratefully accepted.

Dunton births.jpg (281214 bytes)

Town birth records of Edgecomb, Maine, Vol. 1, page 303,

This document lists Channy Dunton born 15 Nov 1794, along with the other kids born at Edgecomb. There may have been more siblings born after the move to New Sharon, Maine. The 1820 census shows two boys and three girls under age ten, one boy and two girls ages ten to sixteen and two girls ages sixteen to twenty-six. Christiana was already married by then. Her parents are Benjamin Dunton 1772-, and Martha Alley 17 Jun 1775. Channy (or Chaney) is kind of a nickname for Christiana that she is known to have gone by, which likely came from her grandmother, Chana Ripley.

She married Jesse Lee Tibbetts 9 Apr 1818 at New Sharon, and she died 30 Jul 1888 at Brownville, Maine and is buried in the Pine Tree Cemetery there.

Submitted by John Harrison, Duluth, Miinnesota

SudVitRec01.jpg (833957 bytes)

Dunten, Dunton, and Duttons listed in the Vital Records of Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Books in the Reference Library

Daisy Paddock Daniels, Prarieville U.S.A.: The story of the birth and growth of a prairie village, The Historical Society and Museum, Arlington Heights, Illinois,1971, [A local history of the village now called Arlington Heights, Illinois but once called Dunton.]

John Dunton, The Life and Errors of John Dunton, Burt Franklin, New York, Originally published in 1818, reprinted in 1969 in 2 volumes, Library of Congress Catalogue Number 74-108028

Gilbert D. McEwen, The Oracle of the Coffee House - John Dunton's Athenian Mercury, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California, 1972, Library of Congress Card Number 78-171109, [Although John Dunton's importance as a bookseller in Augustan England have long been recognized, this is the first study of his greatest project, a question-and-answer periodical, The Athenian Gazette: or Causuistical Mercury, which flourished from 1691 to 1697.]

John and Louise Swanton, Westport Island, Maine once Jeremysquam, Westport  Community Association, 1993, [A local history of the island that was settled by Timothy Dunton in 1735.  John and Louise did a wonderful job of compiling a history book that is rich in information, documentation and photographs.  Appeals to anyone interested in Westport Island, Maine history.]

Julie Schimmel, The Art and Life of W. Herbert Dunton 1878-1936, University of Texas Press, Austin , 1984, ISBN 0-292-77031-6, [Obtained May 1996 from The Stark Museum of Art, 712 Green Street, Orange, Texas, 77630, $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping.  A beautiful coffee table style book in the for of a biography of the man and his work.  Many examples of his work can also be found on this web site as well as around the Web.]

Julie Schimmel, W. Herbert Dunton - The Man and His Art, Sports Afield, February 1988, pp. 94-99

Dunton Image Archive

Note: Unless otherwise noted, the physical artifacts are not in the possession of the Dunton Family Organization Archive.  These are generally images of items that have been placed up for sale around the internet or submitted as electronic files.

Circa 1880s CDV photo of a sweet child in his best outfit - Harold Dunton written on the back. Photographer is Haseltine Studio, from a northern Vermont estate.

Photographic postal card, purchased on ebaY, April, 2008.

Circa 1880s CDV photo of a young fellow in his best outfit - Frank Dunton on reverse. Photographer is Turner of Boston MA, from a northern Vermont estate.

Photographic postal card, purchased on ebaY, April, 2008.

Parker Dunton. Photograph from Hampden Academy, (Hampden, Maine) 1927.

Photograph sold on ebaY, April, 2008.

Marion Pierce Dunton
"L. & W. C. King - Portland, Maine"

Photograph sold on ebaY, January, 2007.

Dunton Lake

Postcard of Dunton Lake on Long Island, New York.  Published by C. H. Hawkins of Bellport Long Island

Photographic postal card, sold on ebaY, October 2002.

AbnerDuntonHopeMaine.jpg (42013 bytes)

Abner Dunton, age of 103, at his home in Hope, Maine

Photographic postal card, sold on ebaY, December 2001.

1920_Dancer_WhiteHouse.jpg (28134 bytes)

Girl Dancers at the White House

  • Original news photo from a wire service (real photo on actual photo paper)
  • Size (in.) : 9 x 7
  • Date : 20s or early 30s
  • Place : Washington or New York
  • Condition : good, light creases, small parts missing on lower corners, light emulsion problem
  • Text attached to the photo : Talented children to appear at White House. Toe dancers, all of them. Left to right Dorothy Dunton, Cornell, N.Y. Dorothy Herbert, of New York City, Lillian Kay of Newark, N.J., Betty Wagner, Flushing, Long Island, N.Y., Betty Jager of Bayside, Long Island, Evelyn Rosenfeld of Far Rockaway, Long Island and Mlly Plugh of Wheeling, West Virginia. These children were winners in the contest staged by the National Stage Children's Assn. In which over a million children participated. They will appear in a performance at the White House.

Note:  This photo was for sale on ebaY in October of 2001.  Can anyone identify this "Miss Dorothy Dunton"?  Email us with details.

olive_dunton)1920s.jpg (23664 bytes)

2 girl w/ snow sled countryside old photo 20s

  • Original news photo from a wire service (real photo on actual photo paper)
  • Size (in.) : 6.5 x 8.5
  • Date : 1920s or early 1930s
  • Place : Hanover, New Hampshire
  • Condition : good, light creases and stains
  • Text attached to the photo : Miss Enid Cramp and Miss Olive Dunton of New York City, who are enjoying the winter carnival up at the Hanover. American and Canadian colleges are competing for athletic honors around the snowy countryside.

Note:  This photo was for sale on ebaY in April of 2001.  Can anyone identify this "Miss Olive Dunton"?  Email us with details.

fordsontractorad.jpg (46082 bytes)

Early 20th Century advertisement for a Fordson Tractor offered by Wade & Dunton Motors, Inc. of Lewiston, Maine.  This advertisement image was from a past ebaY auction.

If you have information about this company, please contact us!

Wade & Dunton Cadillac 1915 Ad

1915 advertisement for Wade & Dunton Motors Car Co. of Lewiston, Maine.  This advertisement image was from a past ebaY auction.

If you have information about this company, please contact us!

wade_dunton_ledger.jpg (50360 bytes)

Marketing / Promotional item given by Wade& Dunton Company of Lewiston, Maine.

MenuWadeDunton.jpg (25065 bytes)

"Hayes Diner", 97 Park St, Lewiston, Maine, menu, approximately 6-1/2" x 9" closed. "A Clean Place to Eat-Tables for Ladies".  Diner pictured on front cover. Back has an ad for Wade & Dunton Carriage Co. 
1908_Spence_MA_Dunton_Res.jpg (34181 bytes) This great image shows the beautiful Victorian Second Empire residence of the Dunton family of Spencer, Massachusetts circa 1908.
VT_Jr_College_DuntonHall.jpg (39891 bytes)

Dunton Hall, Green Mountain Junior College, Poultney, Vermont, circa 1930.

This image was found on an ebaY auction in October 2001.

MaryEDuntonHall_Postcard.jpg (14208 bytes)

This postcard, probably from about 1910, pictures Mary E. Dunton Hall at Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  The Reverend L. M. Dunton was president of the college from 1884 to 1922.

This image was found on an ebaY auction in August 2001.

payson_dunton_pen_1881.jpg (27642 bytes)

Payson, Dunton and Scribner's National System of PENMANSHIP In Twelve Numbers. printed by Knight, Loomis & Co., New York, Boston and Chicago. orig. price 10 cents. brown cover. 24 pgs. "Analytical Key to Script Alphabet. Writing is the art of communicating thought by means of letters. Letters are the written signs of language" Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1879, by Potter, Ainsworth & Co., In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, D.C. copyright 1881, by Potter Ainsworth & Co.

This image was found on an ebaY auction in October 2000. 

payson_dunton_pen_1888_german.jpg (27780 bytes)

Here is a copy of the Payson, Dunton and Scribner's National System of PENMANSHIP in German

This image was found on an ebaY auction. 

DuntonianWritingCover.jpg (34454 bytes)

This is a wonderful early writing book titled "Free-hand Series of Writing Books - The Original Duntonian System of Rapid Writing'' by A. R. Dunton. Published in 1880 by J.W.C. Gilman, this book was to be used in conjunction with the Duntonian "School'' Pen and contains 24-pages that have a sample at the top and ruled lines to practice on underneath.  The inside and back covers give directions and general rules for writing. Size of book measures 7" x 8-1/2".  More images can be found at this Library of Congress link.

This image was found on an ebaY auction.

ElmStDallasTexas.jpg (67086 bytes)

This was also being sold on ebaY (Note: I bid but was not able to place the winning bid).  The listing stated the it is a color postcard of Elm Street in Dallas, Texas.  "Mirro-Krome card by H.S. Crocker, Los Angeles 17, Calif.  Photo by Hubert Lowman. Dist by Texas Post Card Co.  The time period in the 50s.

Does anyone know anything about  "Dunton's Cafeteria"?  Email us with details.

GeoDuntonFord.jpg (45559 bytes)

This postcard is in the archive.  It is a split photo of the George Dunton Ford Dealership, 810 North Main Street, Santa Ana, California.  Their slogan was "Deal with Dunton".  The card was metered for $ 0.03 and postmarked August 1, 1960.

oceancity.jpg (34547 bytes)

Here is another item that was for sale on ebaY and got away.  This is a postcard of Ocean City, Maryland with the Dunton Cottages and the Atlantic Hotel. It was used with an undivided back, copyright C.F. Coffin 1904, and postmarked Ocean City, 1907.

1880pew_PeterDunton.jpg (93614 bytes)

Showing a early deed for pew No.22 of the 3rd Baptist Church of Jefferson, Maine. Seller is Amos Boynton and buyer is Edwin W. Peaslee, signed and sealed 28th June 1880, Signed by Peter Dunton J. of P. CONDITION: Usual folds and light blemishes. SIZE: Approx. 8x10 inches. (Source: ebaY Auction)

1888poa_PeterDunton.jpg (120796 bytes)

Showing a power of Attorney document concerning H.J. Fredricks of Augusta stating that Peter Dunton of Jefferson is his lawful attorney. Signed and sealed at Fredricks signature 21st of Nov. 1888. CONDITION: Light blemishes folds and left edge rough. Signatures are light but can be read. SIZE: Approx. 8x13 inches.  (Source: ebaY Auction)

watts-dunton.jpg (41459 bytes)

Theodore Watts-Dunton (1832-1914) was an author and critic whose novels were Alwin and Vesprie Towers, but he is best known as the man who took care of Swinburne and allowed him to continue writing. A friend of authors and artists of his time, his Memoirs published the year of his death provide a valuable insight into the literary and artistic world of Victorian England.

His name was originally Watts, but he added the Dunton later in life in memory of his mother. This addition to his name made his friend Oscar Wilde write to him in one of the shortest letters on record "Theodore. Watts Dunton?" 

This image is of a handwritten letter, pre-1897 when he added the Dunton, asking the recipient to acknowledge the receipt of something, undoubtedly a manuscript. (Source: ebaY Auction)

1.jpg (100366 bytes)

I had the opportunity of purchasing several photographs from an antique dealer in Missouri.  Although she did not remember from which estate sale or auction she had obtained them at (she attends several every week), she was very generous in sharing her personal recollections of applicable history.  Click here for more information.

Can anyone identify the people in the photos?  Email us with details.

Update 9/25/2005 - "The picture of the couple in front of the Dunton truck is Clyde and Margaret Holmberg. Margaret was the secretary at Dunton store for many years and Clyde was a salesman. I do not know who the children are." (From Barbara, a former Arcadia resident)

2.jpg (109455 bytes)

paneltruck.jpg (130862 bytes)

Please refer to the article in the Dunton Times, Volume IV, Issue 3.  I believe that this is the furniture company that Edwin Worth Dunton started.

Can you identify the people in the photos?  Email us with details.

Dunton_Hardware_Yardstick_ArcadiaKS.jpg (11772 bytes)

Wooden Yardstick - "Dunton Hardware Company, Hardware - Implements - Furniture - Arcadia, Kansas"
ebay auction 10/01

PrebleDuntonBack1886.jpg (22192 bytes) Image of a marketing flyer for Patapsco Baking Powder.

Preble & Dunton
Sealers In
Family Groceries,
Flour & Provisions
Commercial St., head of Commercial Wharf
Bath, Maine

PrebleDuntonFront1886.jpg (23489 bytes)

dunton_billhead1.jpg (59661 bytes)

This is an invoice from Jacob Dunton, a photographic chemist in Philadelphia. The invoice is dated Nov. 27, 1860. Jacob Dunton sold made-to-order collodion sensitized developers, toning baths and varnishes to photographers. On the back of the billhead is what may be Jacob Dunton's signature indicating when the bill was sent and when it was paid. Overall size: 8 " x 5 ". A few small margin tears and a fold line, otherwise good condition. (Source: ebaY Auction)

dunton_billhead2.jpg (40757 bytes)

ARDunton.jpg (9739 bytes)

I know nothing about these images other than the fellow on the left, A. R. Dunton, is the author of the book on the right entitled, "Nathan F. Hart: Innocent Man in a Felon's Cell".

These images were from an ebaY auction.  If you have additional information about this Dunton or the subject matter of the book, please submit it.  Email us with details.

ARDunton_book.jpg (28962 bytes)

"PRESCRIBING OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY", 1945, by William Rush Dunton, MD., Published by Charles Thomas, 151 pages. Measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.

For Sale on ebaY is June of 2001.

BookCoverWilliamRushDuntonJr.jpg (34480 bytes)

Dunton's Spirit of the Turf, weekly turf journal devoted to the trotting horse, Chicago IL billhead 1892. Measures 8 1/2" x 4 1/2".  Frank H. & E.M. Dunton, 415-417 Dearborn Street.

This image was found on an ebaY auction in October 2001.

TrottingHorseJournalBillhead.jpg (33374 bytes)

This old tube of salve is called "Dunton's Fir Balsam Salve", and was made by Mrs. Grace States of Syracuse, NY. The tube is soft (and it is supposed to be) and 4 & 1/2" long. For cuts burns, bruises, chilblains. It cost 15 cents.

Offered for sale on ebaY May, 2002.

Duntons Fir BalsamSalve

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