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Introductory Overview:

Since the Dunton Family organization has very limited operating resources, we appreciate contributions of money, time, and physical items.  To donate money, please click the button at the bottom of the page. To donate an item into the Dunton Family Archive, please email us with a description of the item. If accepted, we will recognize you on this page and at other appropriate locations on the site.

We would graciously like to thank the following people for their generous donations.

Gail M. Walczyk - Ms. Walczyk, the co-compiler and publisher , donated a copy of a family history entitled, "The Duntons of the Eastern Shore".  This work documents the descendants of Andrew Dunton who came to the eastern shore of Virginia in the early 1600s.  ISBN 0-9708037-4-5 - Publisher: Peter's Row Publishing, 27 Thomas St., Coram, NY 11727 - E-Mail Address: petersrow@aol.com

Gilberto Urbano - Mr. Urbano donated a beautifully reproduced copy of W. Herbert Dunton's "Fall in the Foothills".  He offers this print, as well as many others, for sale.  He can be reached through his Web site at www.wonderfulitems.com.

Ivan Dunton - Ivan is the grandson of the famous painter, W. Herbert Dunton. We have a complete Web site dedicated to W. H. Dunton located by clicking here. Mr. Dunton has donated a set of limited edition lithographs to the archive. Images can be viewed by clicking here.



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