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Volume VIII  Issue 1 Winter 2003
Now in the 8th Year

Another Southern Dunton Branch

We have previously reported on the Andrew Dunton (Virginia) branch of the Dunton family in America [ click here ], but thanks to a recent email message from a cousin, we are working on documenting a Georgia branch of Duntons.

Abner C. Dunton married Mary Jewell (b. 22 Nov 1757) on 11 Sep 1777 and they had 4 children, Betsy Dunton, Susannah Dunton, William Dunton, and Hollis Dunton.

Hollis Dunton was born about 1780 in Marboro, MA, moved to Augusta, GA then to Edgefield, SC.  He married Zeline Laborde in 1817 in Edgefield, SC. Two daughters were born to this union before Zeline died on 5 Jul 1823. The daughters were Mary Louise and Sarah Eliza.

Hollis later married Silvesta Wren.  This marriage produced four children; Hollis Jewell, Francis Pickens, James Carroll, and William Lowndes.  Hollis died in Edgefield, SC on 4 Apr 1845.  Silvesta married John Hill and moved to what is now Cobb County, Georgia.

Hollis Jewell Dunton (b. 16 May 1835, Edgefield, SC) and married Martha Ann Elizabeth Elinda Allen Walker (b. 2 Aug 1840).  They had eight children; Mary Adella, Gould B., Sylvesta, Dixie, Job Carroll, Hollis Hill, Noah Webster, and J Macauley.

Dunton Family reunion
About 1912

Back Row Left to right:  Virgil Robinson ( A visitor), Brother in law of Horace Robinson, Webster Dunton, Lillie Dunton, Baby Boy Emory Dunton (3 months old), Gould Dunton, Adella Dunton, McCauley Dunton, Hollis Dunton, Horace Robinson, Vesta Dunton Robinson.

Front Row Left to right: Pauline Dunton, Louella Dunton, Frank Dunton, Linda Dunton, Lizzie Dunton, Raymond Dunton, H. J. Dunton, Louise Dunton, Job Dunton, Ralph Dunton, Grandmother Martha Ann Dunton, Clive Dunton, Douglas Dunton, Ola Clay Dunton, Baby Mary L. Dunton, Glenn Dunton.  According to the paper that Virginia Watson gave to Charles, the child is Hollis and Ola Dunton's child.

Job Carroll Dunton
About 1930
Elizabeth Lester Dunton

If you have documentation regarding this family, please contact us. 

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Elaine D. Dunton

Meredith, NH ó Elaine D. Dunton, 89, of Meredith, died Dec. 25, 2002 at Golden View Health Care Center following a lingering illness.

Born on Oct. 11, 1913, in Moultonboro, she was the daughter of the late Harold and Grace (Horne) Davis.

She graduated in 1931 from Stephens High School in Rumford, Maine. In her earlier years she was a secretary for Oxford Paper Company in Rumford, Maine. She moved to New Hampshire and worked as a teacherís assistant at the Newfound Regional High School in Bristol. For many years Mrs. Dunton was a member of the Friends Program where she was a foster grandparent. She was an animal lover and nature lover. She was an excellent gardener and grew much of her own food. She was also a fine pianist.

Family member include her husband, Kimball Dunton of Long Island, N.Y.; three sisters, Ivalee Davis of Derry, Thelma Sosnowski of Manchester, and Eleanor Gorman of Meredith; a sister-in-law, Dorothy Dunton of Rumford, Maine; and several nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by several brothers and sisters.

Per her request there will be no calling hours. Burial will take place at a later date.  Contributions may be made in her name to Golden View Activity Center, 19 New Hampshire Route 104, Meredith, NH 03253.

Source:  The Laconia, NH Citizen

What's new cousins???  Let us know for the next issue.

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"Life On The Farm"
The rambling thoughts of Mike Dunton including a brief, regular accounting of the events from life on the Victor Hugo Dunton farmstead in Oregon

Life is never dull of boring here on the farm.  Even though I rarely get off of the farm except for on Sunday, the internet connection and phone provide me with the ability to talk with friends, family and customers, all over the world, on a daily basis.  It is amazing the number of relatives I have "met" over the years as well as the friendships established.

History is alive here on the farm.  It is so entwined with my daily life that it is hard to explain without going into a long dissertation.  In a nutshell, working the same ground and living in the same house of my ancestors is awesome.  It is never taken for granted.

A New / Old Battle

Unfortunately, the farm is not an island and the present converges on and impacts the past.  I was informed on Friday (2/21/03) that the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is on a fast track to reopen a project that was shelved back in 1992.  They intend to widen and re-grade the highway in front of the house to a point where we would lose nearly all of our front yard (including the all of the old trees) bringing the highway and ditches within a few feet of our front door.

Without understanding the traffic load that this highway supports, it is hard for people to grasp the severity of the issue.  Highway 213 is a major state highway that feeds this part of the county.  Tens of thousands of vehicles pass in front of my house daily.  Much of this traffic is large vehicles supporting the industries out here (tractor-trailers, log trucks, dump trucks, propane carriers, fuel tankers, etc.).

If this plan is implemented as ODOT intends, there will be nothing to prevent some sleepy truck driver or drunk driver from plowing into our house.  It would be only a matter of time.  As it is now, deep ditches and large trees have saved us!  Can you imagine going to bed every night having to wonder if tonight was the night that you get slammed into?  I cannot.

I have contacted my State Representative, Tootie Smith, asking for her help in getting ODOT to add into their project budget all costs associated with relocating our house into the property away from the highway.

Progress and growth are inevitable as our society expands.  Although I am a sentimental person and value the past, I am a realist and live in the present.  However, I strongly believe that if I am being impacted for the good of many, the burden should not be mine to bear alone. 

Seeds of Hope

I live life and see great analogies daily.  My life's work is with preserving old seed varieties.  It is just another level of keeping the past alive.  It is a very real way to experience the tastes of food that our ancestors enjoyed.  Remember when "fast food" was pulling a carrot, washing it off under the faucet, and eating it as a snack?  My work is spiritually rewarding and personally satisfying.

Seeds also help me keep the stresses and pressures of modern life in perspective.  Seeds are a perfect example of stored potential.  Not only are they an absolute and living connection to are past, they are an example of hope for the future.

As our country mobilizes for war, and whatever personal battles you may be experiencing, I wish you peace.

Mike Dunton - 2/22/03

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