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Articles About or Referring to W.H. Dunton

W. Herbert Dunton (University of Texas) The Dunton Times, Vol 2, No. 7
"How the Arts Began in Santa Fe" Amarillo Globe-News (5-31-98)
Article in "The Morning Call", 11-7-97 Individual Taos Artists--The Masters
Centennial of a Famous Vehicular Mishap  

Museums, Galleries & Exhibits Displaying W.H. Dunton's Artwork

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum
Museum of Texas Tech University
SAALM--Texas Wildflower Competitive Exhibit
Alterman and Morris
Albuquerque Museum of Art
Bingham Gallery
La Plaza--Governor Bent House and Museum
Seduction of the Southwest--The Arvin Gottlieb Collection
The Arvin Gottlieb Collection--Paintings from the American Southwest
The Cal-Neva Gallery--Frontier Women
Gerald Peters Gallery
Owings-Dewey Fine Art
Nedra Matteuci Gallery

Books with W.H. Dunton Illustrations

Bateson, Carlen ---- The Man in the Camlet Cloak
Bindloss, Harold ---- The Dust of Conflict
Bindloss, Harold ---- Winston of the Prairie
Bindloss, Harold ---- The Greater Power
Bindloss, Harold ---- Thurston of Orchard Valley
Bindloss, Harold ---- Vane of the Timberlands
Bindloss, Harold ---- Prescott of Saskatchewan
Bower, B.M. ---- Her Prairie Knight
Braden, James A. ---- Connecticut Boys in the Western Reserve
Braden, James A. ---- The Cabin in the Clearing
Braden, James A. ---- In the Camp of the Delaware
Braden, James A. ---- The Lone Indian
Brenton, Hilda ---- Uncle Jed's Country Letters
Bronson, Edgar Beecher ---- Cowboy Life on the Western Plains
Bronson, Edgar Beecher ---- Reminiscences of a Ranchman
Browne, Waldo ---- Break O'Day Boys
Burt, Maxwell Struthers ---- John O'May and Other Stories
Capwell, Irene Stoddard ---- Mrs. Alderman Casey
Chapman, Katherine Hopkins ---- The Fusing Force: An Idaho Idyl
Chipman, Charles P. ---- Two Boys and a Dog
Costello, F.H. ---- Nelson's Yankee Boy
Craddock, Charles Egbert ---- The Raid of the Guerilla and other Stories
Dean, Sara ---- Travers: A Story of the San Francisco Earthquake
Esenwein, J. Berg ---- Lippincott's New Picture Book
Gregory, Jackson ---- Judith of Blue Lake Ranch
Gregory, Jackson ---- Ladyfingers
Grey, Zane ---- The Young Forester
Grey, Zane ---- The Light of Western Stars
Grey, Zane ---- Riders of the Purple Sage
Grey, Zane ---- Wanderer of the Wastland
Hains, Thornton Jenkins ---- The Black Barque
Harvey, A.K.P. ---- The Glow of the Campfire
James, Martha Tom Winston ---- Wide Awake
Kellog, Frank E. ---- Four Boys on the Mississippi
Lewis, Alfred Henry ---- Wolfville Folks
Lewis, Alfred Henry ---- Faro Nell and Her Friends
Lighton, William R. ---- Uncle Mac's Nebrasky
Marshall, Edison ---- The Voice of the Pack
Marshall, Edison ---- The Strength of the Pines
Marshall, Edison ---- The Land of Forgotten Men
Noyes, Charles Johnson ---- Patriot and Tory
Ogden, G.W. ---- Tennessee Todd
Ogden, G.W. ---- Home Place
Parrish, Randall ---- Keith of the Border: A Tale of the Plains
Potter, Mary Knight ---- Councils of Croesus
Raine, William McLeod ---- A Texas Ranger
Russell, William Clark ---- The Mate of the Good Ship York
Russell, William Clark ---- The Captain's Wife
Thwing, Eugene ---- The Red-Keggers
Tracy, Louis ---- The Albert Gate Mystery
Warner, Susan ---- The Wide, Wide World
Willsie, Honore ---- The Heart of the Desert
Willsie, Honore ---- Still Jim
Wilson, Bingham Thorburn ---- The Village of Hide and Seek
Wittigschlager, Wilhelmina ---- Minna, Wife of the Young Rabbi

Magazines Containing W.H. Dunton Illustrations

Adventure Magazine -- 1912--Jul; 1913--Apr

All Story Magazine -- 1907--Apr; 1908--Apr; Unknown year--May 9 (Indian brave w/ white woman in canoe); Unknown year possibly April, mounted cowboy

Amateur Sportsman -- 1899--May, July, Aug, Oct, Nov; 1900--All but May; 1901--All; 1902--Jan, Feb 7 Mar, Apr

Associated Sunday Magazine -- March, 1907; January, February, April, 1908; February, May, July, August, 1909; June, 1910; December, 1911; February, 1915

Sunday Magazine of the Boston Sunday Post - May 2, 1909

Sunday Magazine of the Denver Republican - May 14, 1911

Sunday Magazine of the Minneapolis Tribune - August 23, 1908, May 14,1911, December 15, 1912, June 28, 1914

St. Louis Republic -- 1908--Aug 2; 1909--Feb, May, Jun

The Brown Book of Boston -- 1900--Nov; 1901--Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec; 1902--Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Sept, Oct; 1903--Jan, Jun; 1904--Aug

The Cavalier -- March 1909, June 1909, Unknown year Cover-Mexican lighting cigarette

The Century -- 1908--Mar; 1909--Jan; 1910--May

Colliers -- Feb 19, 1910, April 30, 1910; 1911--May 13; 1912--Apr 6, Apr 20, Jun 15, Sept 28, Oct 5, Oct 12; 1913--May 13; 1914--Jan 17, Feb 28, May 9, Oct 17; 1915--Feb 13; 1917--Jun 2; 1920--Feb 14

Cosmopolitan -- June 1907, August 1907, September 1907, October 1907, November 1907, December 1907; 1908 -- Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Sept, Nov; 1909 -- May, Aug; 1910 -- Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Sep, Dec; 1911 -- Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct; 1912 -- Apr; 1914 -- Feb, Aug

Culinary Topics -- 1901--Jan

Cushman -- 1901--Feb

Everybody's Magazine -- 1906--Dec; 1907--Jan, Apr, Jun, Sep, Dec; 1908--Sep; 1909--Jan, Nov, Dec; 1910--Sept ; 1912--Mar; 1914--Mar

Farm and Fireside -- April, 1921; July, 1926

Field and Stream -- March, December, 1901

Harper's Monthly -- 1909--Mar, Jul, Aug, Nov; 1910--May, Jul; 1912--Feb, Mar, Oct; 1913--Jul; 1914--Feb, Jul; 1917--Apr

Harper's Weekly -- 1908--Apr 11, Nov 2; 1909--May 15), Aug 7; Unknown year - Tit for Tat -- cowboy on horse shooting @ car dated 1910

Hearst's Magazine -- June, 1914

Lady's World -- February, 1914

Literary Digest -- April 22, 1916 ("Crow Outlier")

McClure's Magazine -- 1913--Jun; 1920--Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec; 1921--Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr

Metropolitan Magazine -- February, 1906

Munsey's -- Unk. 1905, June & October 1906, September 1910, October 1911, June 1912, January & February 1913, February 1914

National Magazine -- 1901-Jan, Mar

National Sportsman -- 1900--Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec; 1901--Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Nov; 1902--Jun, Oct, Dec; 1903--Jan,Feb,Apr, May, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec; 1904--Jan, Feb, Mar, Jul, Aug, Sep, Nov

The Nickell Magazine -- 1899--Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec; 1900--Jan, Mar, Aug; 1912--story by Edwin C Dickenson

Pearson's Magazine -- 1906--Jun; 1907--Jun

The Popular Magazine -- May 1906, December 1906, November 1907, May 1908, October 1908, April 1909, July 1909, April 1910, April 1911, Jan 1912, September 1912, February 1913, February 1915, June 15, 1913, September 1913, June 1914, May 1915, September 1915, March 1915, September 20, 1915

Saturday Evening Post -- April, 1910

Scribner's Magazine -- 1908--Feb; 1910--Aug; 1911--Nov; 1912--Feb + Unknown date story by Edwin Dickenson; 1913--May; 1914--Apr; 1915--Mar, Jul, Oct; 1916--Dec

Success Magazine -- December 1906

Vogue -- April, September, 1903

Wellspring for Young People -- November, 1900; November, 1901

Woman's Home Companion -- April, 1911; May, 1912; August, 1913; November, 1919; November, 1921 The Papago Girl (cowboy/lady near cactus)

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