Kathy Larsen's "John Dunton Homepage" - Dedicated to John Dunton, the 17th - 18th century English bookseller, writer, and publisher.
The The Kansas Historical Society Web Page.
The The Dunton Tower at Carleton University. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
The Arlington Heights, Illinois Official web page. This town was founded as Dunton, Illinois.
The Arlington Heights, Illinois Memorial Library. They also maintain a genealogy library.
The Dunton Caravan Reading, England
The L.A. Dunton Fishing Schooner In Mystic Harbor
The St. Martin Parish Church in Dunton, Buckinghamshire, England
"Heading Home". Painting of the L.A. Dunton Schooner by Thomas M. Hoyne.
The Dunton Mine Near Newry, Maine.
The M.W. Dunton Co. specialized in soldering products "for almost 100 years".  The company was taken over and merged into the RectorSeal company in 1998.  
The Family History Society of Cheshire, England This link will jump you straight into an area called the "Cheshire Surnames List". Explore around this site. Bret Langston has done a nice job of putting together a site containing information regarding the county in England (Cheshire) where Dutton is physically located.
Chester and its Heritage, Cheshire, England web page. A virtual tour of the "mother country".
Dutton-Homestall in East Grinstead, Sussex.  This is the relocated remains of the ancestral home, Dutton Hall, of the Duttons of Dutton, Cheshire.    This is a virtual tour of the structure in its present form.

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