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Some of these resources are only available as hardcopy held in our library.  Time permitting, specific searches and copies can be made.  You will be quoted a cost before work commences.  Other material is available by clicking the hotlink.  As always, donations of photos, documents, family memorabilia, stories, and money is always gratefully accepted.

Liverpool & surrounding area, Landranger Series, Sheet 108, 1:50,000 scale, Ordinance Survey, Southampton Crown, England, 1991, ISBN 0-319-22108-3
Chester, Wrexham & surrounding area, Landranger Series, Sheet 117, 1:50,000 scale, Ordinance Survey, Southampton Crown, England, 1992, ISBN 0-319-22117-2
Great Britain and Ireland, 1:1,000,000 scale, prepared for British Petroleum by George Phillip and Son, Ltd., London, 1973
Domesday Chesire
anchient_cheshire.gif (16371 bytes)
This image is courtesy of John Garmon Williams commercial site.  He sells hand colored historical maps of the Domesday period.  You may access his site at

Click on the image for a larger view.  Look at about the middle of the right hand margin for an important location.

lirr_map.jpg (222909 bytes) Long Island (NY) Rail Road Line Map.  Click here for more information about Fredrick Dunton and here for information about the LIRR.

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