18th - 19th Century Historical Resources

Be a participant in the Salem Witch Trials.   This site is brought to you by The National Geographic. This is a very nice multimedia - interactive site and has some genealogical value if you are a descendant of early 17th century colonists.
Colonial Williamsburg, VA Home Page.
Whether you call it, "The Seven Years War" or "The French and Indian War", the year 1755 was significant.
See example of Colonial Currency at this on-line exhibit by Notre Dame.
Jack Lynch's 18th Century Chronology is an example of a lot of work that we can all benefit from.
PBS On-line is sponsoring this educational tool on the subject of Lewis and Clark.
The History Net. A history related web resource.
  Document Sources

The Internet Library of Early Journals (England) - Scanned images of the following 18th and 19th Century journals:
      Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine: Vol 53 - Vol 72 (1843 - 1852)
      Gentleman's Magazine: Vol 1 - Vol 20 (1731 - 1750)
      Notes and Queries: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th series (1849 - 1869)
      Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Vol 50 - Vol 67 (1757 - 1777)

Read the George Washington Papers in Virginia
Nathan Hale and those surrounding him.
Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man in Philadelphia, PA. Original site.
If you enjoy history and original source documentation, you have to visit the Archiving Early America rare document collection on-line.

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