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  Colorado Cemeteries
The Final Resting Places for Dunton Earthly Bodies

The Idaho Springs Cemetery, Idaho Springs, Colorado

Idaho Springs is a small mining town about 40 miles west of Denver, Colorado on Interstate 70. The Idaho Springs Cemetery has an interesting grave marker for a child named Blanche Dunton, daughter of William and Alice Dunton.  She died at the age of six years on November 14, 1899.

The grave site is "famous" in this small town since it is one of the most interesting tombstones in the Cemetery.  The monument erected on her grave depicts a cement log cabin playhouse.  It is about five feet tall, two feet wide with front door and chimney. The tombstone is very nice and seems to indicate parents that cared very much about their young daughter and were perhaps wealthy.

The town historical society has no additional information. If you have any information about this girl and this family, please email us at .

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